nonplanarity and javascript

this spring i came across introduction to graph theory by richard j. trudeau, a wonderful little book on the basics of graph theory. honestly, if i were to suggest a few books to younger me, this would definitely be on that list. the prerequisites are none, yet trudeau is able to build up quite a bit of the beautiful structure of graphs, touching on planarity, euler’s formula, colorings and more. admittedly, this wouldn’t serve as a sole reference on the subject, but it does serve its intended purpose as an introduction. [Read More]


someday i’ll fill this out more thoroughly, but shooting from the hip some of the topics i’m most interested in / working on these days: distributed systems cryptography the relation of the above two with game theory databases side interests: coffee quantum mechanics / quantum field theory transcendental numbers hacking on whatever is holding my attention that day brazilian jiu-jitsu although with the pandemic i’ve just been riding my bike things i’m pretty sure i’m not interested in: [Read More]